• Grace City Church

Grace City Church

Grace City Church desires to help the people in our city, in their spiritual journey to know, love and serve Jesus Christ. Therefore we will:

- Submit to God

- Know His Word

- Make Him Known

- Love One Another

Statement of Faith.

Grace City Church is a community of those who are repentant of their sin, who have been saved by personal faith In Jesus Christ through his atoning death and resurrection, who publicly proclaim their faith and are committed to the Church's mission, vision, functions and values. We are a community of people who believe in:

  • The Trinity and Unity of the Godhead — one God revealed as God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • The true humanity and deity of the Lord Jesus Christ and the sacrificial atonement made on the Cross by Our Lord for the sin of the world.

  • The work of the Holy Spirit as the one who brings about repentance and empowers and imparts spiritual gifts to the Church.

  • The divine inspiration of the Bible and its final authority in matters of faith and practice

  • Salvation by personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

  • The resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the promise of His Second Advent and the eternal of the saved and eternal punishment of the lost.

  • Membership of the Church for those who have been saved by personal faith in Jesus Christ.

  • The immersion of believers as the scriptural form of baptism.

  • Celebration of the Lord's Supper by the gathered Church

  • The one holy, universal Church which is the body of Christ to which all true believers belong.

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