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Full time Ministry Position

Grace City Church Pastor Profile

Grace City Church (“GCC”) is searching for an English Congregation Pastor who is called and is spiritually gifted to meet the specific needs of GCC. Below is GCC's specific church profile.

Our Vision: To have Christ working in and through our lives.

Our Mission: To help people in our city in their spiritual journey, to know, love and serve Jesus Christ. Therefore, we will submit to God, know His Word, make Him known and love one another.


The preferred requirements below (spiritual life and character, education, experience) are essential.



(According to 1 Timothy 3, 5; Titus1; Ephesians 4, 1; Peter 2, 5; and Philemon.)

  • 1 Timothy 3 and 5: Tested, mature, above reproach, good example, biblical teaching.

  • Titus 1: High Character, humble, accountable to God and congregation, sound doctrine.

  • 1 Peter 2, 5: Helped the church mature by feeding on the word. Sees Christ as the cornerstone. Shepherds, pastors, and members of the church.

  • Ephesians 4: Example of humility, patience, tolerance, unity, called as a pastor.

  • Philemon: Resolved disunity and conflict through forgiveness and reconciliation.



  • Advanced education preferred, Bachelor of Theology from an accredited Seminary.

  • Has more than 7 years of experience working full-time on either a church's leadership team or a Christian organization's leadership team or as an ordained minister is preferred.

  • Experience with multicultural, needs, and challenges (both Overseas and Kiwi).

  • Fluency in English, and the ability to speak Cantonese and/or Mandarin is a plus.

  • Commands a mature understanding and knowledge of deep biblical truths; is not a novice Christian, but one who has maintained an intimate and mature walk with God over the course of many years.

  • Demonstrates leadership skills in a challenging environment.


The four priorities below detail the focus of the Pastor position by significance.



  • With humility and dedication, implement the mission and vision GCC has developed.

  • Provide strategic leadership to inspire, promote growth, mentor the ministerial staff, and develop spiritually mature leaders.

  • Be a mentor to church staff, church and ministry leaders.

  • Manage diverse teams and delegate tasks appropriately; has a team mentality with staff members and lay leaders, while at the same time recognizing the unique responsibility the pastor has in shepherding the congregation.

  • Empower staff to reach potential by encouraging training and education, creating an environment of accountability to meet performance expectations, and appreciating each staff member's contributions; maintains an open-door with the staff.

  • Recognize GCC is an Elder led church and will seek to collaborate with Elders, Deacons and other leaders.

  • Provide coaching and feedback of staff via formal and informal reviews.

  • Provide conflict resolution between groups or individuals to preserve love, peace, and unity.

  • Network and collaborate with other local churches and Christian organizations.

  • Take time each week for personal Sabbath, bible study, and prayer.



  • Display a strong grasp of theological doctrine and dynamic preaching of biblical truths.

  • Help congregants apply God's Word to their lives as believers, followers, and disciples of Christ.

  • Boldly and with compassion preach against false teachings.

  • Demonstrate teaching and preaching in line with GCC's Constitution.

  • Teach and train members to live out the gospel and actively participate in evangelism and discipleship.



  • Live out the gospel in their own life by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Support mission churches (current and prospective) and begin/mature the process of church planting.

  • Mission-minded with a burden for the lost; espouse a passion for leading the church to follow the Great Commission through local/personal and worldwide reach.

  • Inspire the church to join in serving each other and the community as the hands and feet of Christ.

  • Open to new ideas and non-traditional outreach that focus on serving the needs of GCC's target community.



  • Commit to know, feed, lead, and protect* the flock with the heart of a shepherd.

  • Directly involved in welcoming and encouraging newcomers to become a part of the body.

  • Intentionally seeks to know members personally and increase involvement, participation, and service.

  • Demonstrate experience in imparting God's care and concern to members across different ethnicities and generations, through visitations, presence and counseling skills in time of crisis and a willingness to get personally involved in serving with the congregation and knowing their needs; is approachable and available for personal meetings.


For more information and/or to apply, please email:


*Seek to protect the church at all costs; diligently and decisively recognize and confronts unwanted internal or external threats or attacks that would do harm to the viability and unity of the church body such as strife, lack of financial integrity, doctrinal discrepancies, heretical teaching, power struggles, scandal, sexual abuse/misconduct, violence, unauthorized actions, exposure to legal liability, employee misconduct, and inappropriate behavior.

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